At a stationery store, I found a certain product. It is a set of sticky notes with catch copy, “Sticky notes to choose your favorite paper for use”.



The package which I got, contains 20 sticky notes of 4 types each.

The two small types are pale yellow and pink. For them, high-quality paper is used so that they could be suitable for memos or marks.

The second largest third type is square, and for it is used the translucent, white and smooth special paper called glassine so that it could be suitable for make visible the document under it.

The largest of the four types is made of kraft paper. The color is natural brown reminiscent of soil and wood, and this might be suitable for casual messages and so on.


The material, color and size of the paper of sticky notes implicitly suggest us what they could be used for, and at the same time, they make us imagine the other boundless uses, not limited to sticky notes or indexes, “For it, which should I use?”, “What could I use it for?” and so on. In the inner dialogue which is born between the sticky notes and myself, there is a joy of exploring new things.


Recently, I often find myself selecting ‘Made in Japan’ not only in stationary but also in anything. seeking a mysterious feeling of being integrated with the tools ....








紙の素材、色、大きさが、何に使えるかを暗黙のうちに示唆していると同時に、これだけのバリエーションがあると、付箋やインデックスに限らず無限に用途が生み出せそうです。また、『どれを使おう?』『何に使おう?』と、付箋と自分との内なる対話も生まれ、何か新しいもの探求する楽しみもあります。ふと最近、文具に限らず、何でも<Made in Japan>を選んでいる自分に気づきます。道具と一体化する不思議な感覚を求めて…。