Logical Tyoes and Logical Levels

As mentioned in the text immediately above, there has been little or no attention until present given to making ordering relationships explicit within NLP practice. Without such an explicit discussion, work in NLP is significantly flawed − thus, the care with which the issue, for example, of hierarchies was presented. In that discussion as well as in Part, Epistemology, we developed the notion of several possible ordering relationships operating in hierarchies: more specifically, part/whole hierarchical orderings and what we referred to as logical level hierarchical orderings.

直前の文章で述べたように、現在まで、NLPの実践において順序関係を明確にするためにほとんどあるいは全く注意が払われてきていません。このような明確な議論がなければ、NLPの作業には大きな欠陥があります ー 例えば、階層の問題が提示されているケアです。(Part気稜Ъ穎世汎瑛佑法◆砲海竜掴世涼罎如∋


Logical Levels

For any two (or more) arbitrary elements in a tree structure (hierarchy) generated by logical inclusion, a and b, say, element a will be said to be at a a higher logical level than b just in case a contains b in one of its partitions below a in the hierarchy.


            …b…   …c…

Logical inclusion itself is a well-defined ordering relationship specified by the two properties of constriction and inheritability (see Part, Epistemology and Part and Chunking/Logical Levels for a fuller persentation):

1. constriction - reduced coverage under each successive partition induced by relative clause formation

2. inheritability - the preservation of the set membership criteria under partition by relative clause formation

This usage seems to accord well with the conventional use of the word level with its accompanying suggestion of a visual display−namely, a vertically oriented ordering−a hierarchy.

論理的包含によって生成された樹形構造の任意の2つ(またはそれ以上)の要素、例えば a と b に対して、階層内の a より下の分割(
partition)の1つに b が含まれている場合にのみ、要素 a は b よりも高い論理レベルにあると言います。


            …b…   …c…

論理的包含(Logical inclusion)自体は、収縮(constriction)と継承性(inheritability)の二つの特性によって明確に規定された順序関係です。(より充実したプレゼンテーションは、Part鞠Ъ穎澄Part靴よびチャンキング/論理レベルを参照)




Hierarcies formed on the part/whole relationship are very different creatures than hierarchies generated by logical inclusion. The reduced scope principle − constriction − seems to be inverted − that is, in general, the further down a hierarchy specified by the part/whole relationship you go, the larger the scope, the greater the coverage of events by the sets enumerated. Sets lower in the hierarchy have more members than those above them. There is no clear generalizatoin with respect to the inheritability requirement that we have been able to formulate. It seems that presently transparent to us.




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